What do you feel during a PEMF treatment?

The most commonly reported sensations during a PEMF application are A feeling of warmth, a slight tingling sensation in the extremities and a pleasant feeling of deep relaxation. Many users even fall asleep during a session.

But even if you don’t feel anything, a lot is still happening in your body! Do not be disappointed if you do not feel the magnetic field. It is not correct to assume that an absence of sensation equals no effect.

Unlike applications that are easily perceived by our senses (e.g. infrared, electrotherapy, color therapy, etc.), magnetic fields belong to the group of physical signals that are very difficult to “grasp”. And yet, the numerous resonance phenomena create a very profound effect, and you will definitely feel the benefits of a PEMF session while using it continuously. Below is a small summary evaluation from the feedback of several thousand users about their personal experiences:

  • only 10% of all users feel absolutely nothing during the first sessions
  • 50% feel a pleasant sensation of warmth and deep relaxation
  • 40% feel a slight tingling sensation
  • Approximately 20% of all users fall asleep during a session.