Control Panel

Omnium1 - Steuer-Panel
8-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit capacitive multitouch screen.
1 headphone jack (3.5 mm).
20-Pin socket.
Micro SD/SDHC (TF) card slot.
Android™ Oreo 8.1 operating system.
5MP front camera.
8MP rear camera with autofocus and LED flash.
Removable 4 x 3.7V / 2500 mA/h batteries.

D/A Converter

Omnium1 - D/A-Converter
Designed as a central connection box between theOmnium1 control panel and the applicators/accessories.
2 20-pin sockets.
1 Applicator socket.
Lightweight design for portable use.
Integrated D/A converter module for field strengths up to 120 microTesla!
Low power consumption for extended land power independent applications.


The whole-body mat for the ‘holistic’ PEMF experience!

6 built-in rock-solid copper coils, divided into 3 pairs with different numbers of turns – for precise control of magnetic field intensity over the entire surface.
Triple sawtooth waveform for highest efficiency of low pulsed PEMF’s.
Folds into 6 segments
Magnetic field strength max. 45 micro Tesla.
Number of windings increases from head to toe.

The local applicator for defined body areas!

2 built-in, rock-solid copper coils for uniform control of magnetic field intensity over the entire surface.
Rectangular waveform for maximum efficiency of locally applied PEMFs.
Magnetic field intensity max. 70 micro Tesla.

The spot applicator for specific body areas!

Flexible applicator for spot application and use of the so-called “Helmholtz effect”!
1 built-in rock-solid copper coil in each segment (2 in total) for flexible control of the applied field strength over the partial surface.
Rectangular waveform for maximum efficiency of localized Helmholtz effect PEMFs.
Magnetic field strength max. 120 micro Tesla.
Fixation strap for easy and effective spot application.

The spa for your brain!

Goggles with 12 built-in LEDs on each side.
Brainwave stimulation with light, color and sound combined in a single system.
Elastic band for easy adjustment.
Built-in earphones.