Brainwave Entrainment

The power of light, sound and color!
Brainwave stimulation describes the electrically measurable response of the brain to rhythmic sensory stimulation caused by sound or light impulses. An auditory or visual stimulus produces an electrical charge in the brain and is called a cortical evoked response (CER). If the stimulus has a certain rhythm, the brain will reproduce it in the form of an electrical impulse.


When the rhythm is sufficiently synchronized and constant, the brain forms natural electrical information from it, called brain waves.

The brain responds to the external stimulus by synchronizing its own frequencies, a process called Frequency Following Response (FFR).

Brainwave – Frequencies

The discovery of brain waves led to the conclusion that the electrical activity in the brain changes analogously to human behavior.



Awake but deeply relaxed. Just closing your eyes produces alpha waves. Associated with daydreaming, visualization, imagination, and light meditation.



Normal waking state of consciousness. Associated with cognitive tasks (problem solving, decision making, verbal communication). Higher levels represent stress, anxiety, and panic.



Deep dreamless sleep, trance, deep hypnosis. Brainwave expert Judith Pennington calls this state the “portal to universal consciousness.



Dreaming, REM sleep, creativity, access to the subconscious. Long-term memory, emotional healing, intuition, daydreaming, spiritual wisdom. Hypnosis: Reprogramming or reprogramming of vision and belief patterns.



Most recently discovered, least explored. Associated with intense learning, strong focus and concentration, high flow of information, and mystical and transcendent experiences.

Hemispheric Synchronization

As early as the 1970s, neuroscientists found that when experienced meditators were in a very deep state, there was harmonious activity between both hemispheres of the brain. This phenomenon is known as hemispheric synchronization.

Unlike traditional meditation, brainwave stimulation is a reliable, predictable and consistent method of harmonizing specific areas of the brain as desired. Regular use leads to the formation of new neural connections between the two hemispheres of the brain and guarantees equally long-lasting effects.

Exagon Brain

Audio Visual Brainwave Stimulation (AVG) = simultaneous use of sound and light.

Although visual stimulation is more effective than audio stimulation in isolation, a simultaneous combination of the two provides a much higher degree of effectiveness.

Exagon Brain is a system that combines rhythmic sound and light stimulation in harmony with the biological organ clock to guarantee the best possible effect of holistic brainwave stimulation.