How do you get the best results from a PEMF therapy application?

There are some rules you should follow to get the best results from PEMF therapy.

  • Drink a glass of water BEFORE and AFTER each session, this will speed up the effect!
  • Always do a full body session with the Organ Clock in the morning and at least ONE additional session with the Organ Clock in the evening. An additional session after lunch will further enhance the effect!
  • If you want to do a local application during the day, take your Omnium1 with OmniPad or OmniSpot to work, use it in the car, on the plane, on vacation or during your lunch break, 3–4 times a day is no problem (please take a 4-hour break between sessions!).
  • Keep your body alkaline. Drink water with a squeezed lemon in the morning!
  • Try to eat alkaline foods (e.g. green vegetables, fruits, flaxseeds, avocados and nuts, especially almonds)!
  • Eat regularly (count calories) – don’t eat too much in one sitting!
  • No fad diets, fast food, soft drinks and convenience foods!
  • Consciously breathe deeply and slowly during an application!
  • Be sure to follow the recommended protocols!
  • Be prepared for a possible healing reaction (Herxheimer effect)!
  • Please do not perform any other activities during a full body treatment and remove all metal from your body (jewelry, wallet, smartphone, etc.).