pemf therapy helps you lose weight

Lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks?

Lost 6 inches of girth in 1 week?

These numbers sound almost too good to be true, but they are verified results from Dr. Patty King – who successfully uses the iMRS Professional in her practice. Her patients want to lose weight naturally. To assist with their diet, she uses magnetic field therapy by setting the iGUIDE on her iMRS Professional (predecessor to the iMRS prime) to “ADIPOSITAS” and placing the pillow applicator directly on the patient’s abdomen.

Hear and see for yourself how she describes your patient’s success in just a few words:

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Here are the top 7 ways the iMRS prime and iGUIDE obesity setting can help you lose weight:

  • Increases metabolism and improves thyroid function.
  • Helps with detoxification and regular digestion.
  • Helps reduce cellulite by detoxifying the body of chemicals.
  • Improves sleep, which is known to hormonally increase weight loss (and help minimize nighttime snacking due to insomnia).
  • Gives you more energy so you can exercise better.
  • Heals the body from injuries that prevent sports and exercise.
  • Reduces stress (promotes deep relaxation).