Comparison Low Intensities VS High Intensities – Why More is NOT Better

In this post, you will find an assessment of the myths surrounding high intensity magnetic field therapy devices. Here we examine in more detail why the homeopathic approach to PEMF therapy is the safest and most effective way to heal our bodies.

The Great Myths About Magnetic Therapy devices (PEMF systems) with high intensities.

My name is Bryant Meyers, author of the book “PEMF – The 5th Element of Health”. This is my assessment of the myths surrounding high intensity magnetic therapy devices (PEMF systems). We will explore in more detail why the homeopathic approach to PEMF therapy is the safest and most effective way to heal our bodies.
I want to expose the myths and lies taught by the companies that sell very high intensity PEMF therapy devices.
When I talk about a homeopathic approach to PEMF therapy, I am referring to the overall philosophy of working with the body to heal itself. Ultimately, PEMF therapy and energy medicine devices do NOT heal the body. I repeat, no device is going to heal your body. However, earth-based, natural PEMF therapy or homeopathic therapy devices will give your body an energetic boost that will catalyze and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Let’s take a look at some of these high-intensity devices and what their companies are telling us:
Companies that sell high-intensity PEMF devices will tell you that with more power and higher intensities, you will experience deeper penetration and faster healing. Let me give you a very clear explanation as to why this is not true.

High-intensity PEMF devices are sold primarily for pain relief and pain problems. Yes, they can help symptomatically, but so can low-intensity PEMF systems. I have worked with several different low-intensity brands/devices over the past eight years. These devices have an identical effect on pain relief while being much more natural, so they are more effective for healing and regeneration in the long run.
Some of these high intensity PEMF devices use very high intensities – more than two Tesla – almost 100 times stronger than the earth’s natural field strength.

Our bodies are not accustomed to such high intensities. That’s why I call these high-intensity systems allopathic (not homeopathic) energy medicine. Basically, they are literally hitting our bodies like a sledgehammer with unnaturally high intensities and frequencies.

Why use a sledgehammer when only a small amount of force is needed? The result may provide some symptom relief, as with painkillers, but it comes at the expense of the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It provides an external force that the body must resist and release from its natural ability to heal. In contrast, a more natural homeopathic approach works with the body and the symptoms to gently and effectively heal the body better and faster.

There may be a time and place for high-intensity PEMF devices, but only under the supervision of a trained professional and only for short periods of time. For safe, affordable daily use, I recommend a home PEMF device that uses low intensities.

Let’s take a look at the history of high-intensity systems. These devices are modeled after the original Papimi device, which was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2005. The man behind the Papimi device was Panos Pappas, a mathematics professor from Athens, Greece. He invented the Papimi device in the 70s or 80s. When the Papimi device was banned, a few companies came along and tried to create a new version of it. They still use the same principles as the Papimi device. They produce very high voltage and very high intensity. Also, these devices can be very expensive. Some of these devices cost between 10,000 and 20,000 EURO. In my opinion, this is not the way to go, but some other experts say that there is time and space for high intensity systems.

I strongly recommend that if you are going to use a high intensity system, do so only under the direct supervision of a trained professional. Do not purchase this type of equipment for personal use.

What intensities do international organizations recommend as safe for human biology? D-I-N is the Institute for Standards in Germany. They recommend not going above 400 micro-tesla, while the high intensity systems are in the 1 tesla range. This is much higher than what the D-I-N in Germany considers safe.
The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is a world authority on the safety of electromagnetic energy. Both the European Union and the FDA rely on its findings. According to ICNIRP, safe limits for pulsed PEMF depend on both frequency and intensity. They recommend a maximum intensity of up to 5,000 microteslas at lower frequencies (similar to terrestrial frequencies). At higher frequencies, the safety limit drops to about 5 microTesla. In both cases, the intensity is low compared to high intensity systems.

Here is a brief overview of the Schumann resonance and the Earth’s natural field strengths. The Schumann resonance is of critical importance to the Russian space program and NASA. This was shown by the bunker studies of Dr. Rutger Wevers in the 1960s and 1970s and the zero field studies of Dr. Valerie Hunt. They showed very conclusively that we need the Schumann Resonance to survive. The Schumann Resonance is like the heartbeat of the earth and our inner biology. Circadian rhythms are also synchronized to this frequency. This energy and frequency actually works at the cellular level to energize the cells. This works in many ways. However, the intensity is only one picotesla, so it is a very, very weak field. Our bodies have very sensitive antennae to pick up this particular intensity. This field intensity is only one trillionth of a tesla, and yet it is so important. This tells us that the Earth is giving us a very gentle homeopathic dose of this essential frequency. It is fascinating that the alpha brain state on an EEG has an almost identical waveform to the Schumann resonance.

(Schumann resonance: Schumann resonance (named after the German physicist and electrical engineer Winfried Otto Schumann) is the phenomenon of electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies forming standing waves along the circumference of the earth.)
(Circadian rhythm is the ability of an organism to synchronize physiological processes to a period length of approximately 24 hours. The most important circadian rhythm is the sleep-wake cycle).

A four-year NASA study found that weak, time-varying, low-frequency waveforms are most effective for healing and regeneration. NASA also confirmed that “less is more” (lower intensity is more effective).

Let’s briefly address some of the myths promoted by high-intensity PEMF companies:

Myth #1:

High intensity systems penetrate deeper into the body.
In fact, low-intensity PEMF systems penetrate the entire body and even several feet above it. The fact that high intensity PEMF devices penetrate deeper is simply not true. The truth is that low frequency PEMF devices penetrate the body like a “breeze through the trees”. They do not need high intensity to do this.

Myth #2:

High intensity systems work faster.
This is false.

The NASA study is clear. In fact, low intensity, low frequency, fast rising and falling waveforms heal and regenerate the body the fastest.

Myth #3:

You can just lie on the grass and get the same results as a low-intensity PEMF device.
This is false for two reasons. The magnetic flux on an earth-based PEMF mat is actually much more concentrated, resulting in stronger field strengths. Also, you are receiving “PULSE” electromagnetic fields on a PEMF mat. In contrast, if you lie down on the grass, you will only receive the static DC field. Measure this with a magnetic field detector (you can download magnetic field detector apps for iOS and Android phones). On a PEMF mat, you will see an up and down and a change in impulse. If you put the magnetic field detector on the lawn, you will only see a flat line. Yes, if you are on the lawn, you will see the Schumann resonance, but only in the pico-Tesla range. Ground-based PEMF devices, which operate at field strengths comparable to the Earth’s magnetic field, are many orders of magnitude stronger. It’s not the same as lying in a field.

Bryant Meyers, BS MA Physics, is a former physics professor and a leading expert in the field of energy medicine and PEMF therapy.