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PEMF and Quality of Life


We all have highs and lows, positive and negative emotions, but sometimes despondency, anxiety and stress take over. Long-lasting grief or anger can be very destructive. To face these emotions on a physical level can help to deal with them better. Specifically, this means balancing neurotransmitters such as serotonin or dopamine; a reason why PEMF is approved for the treatment of depression. The well-being effect that many people feel when using PEMF has a physiological explanation.


The majority of users notice a significant improvement in sleep, which is important to our well-being. Numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation and sleep disruption have significant negative effects on physical and mental performance, obesity and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or high blood pressure, depression and suicidality, inflammatory bowel disease and even cancer risk. Insomnia, sleep apnea syndrome and other sleep disorders are common – almost one in three suffers. Improvement of sleep quality is a large field of indication for PEMF.

Tip: In addition to magnetic therapy, use the Sound and Light Relax (iSLRS) system and select blue light.


We live in an increasingly stressful environment, with long working hours and commute routes, a tidal wave of information and being constantly on call. Constant stress is accompanied by a high cortisol level and we usually pay the price for our fast and stressful lifestyle with our health. Medicine has long recognized stress as one of the major causes of many diseases. Only 8-16 minutes of PEMF per day is one of the best ways to shift the stress switch.


When anxiety, frustration and anger become too present and chronic, it often manifests as muscle tension, back and neck pain or headache. This can not only negatively affect relationships or job, but health in general. Everything that helps us to relax has a protective effect here. This is especially true for our Sound and Light Relax System (iSLRS) and our Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback System (iMore).


Lifelong learning is important to keep the mind fit, flexible and motivated. Many of our PEMF users report improved concentration and focus when learning or working. Especially for the age group 60+, this can mean new inspiration and well-being in retirement, as well as new skills and opportunities for working people. There are many physiological, psychological and financial benefits to keep our body and mind fit.