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Health as the foundation of your life
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PEMF and Health

Health factors

More than ever, we are aware that those who live healthily are happier in the long term. At the same time, the number of older people and chronic diseases is increasing worldwide. Healthcare systems will therefore face great challenges in the future. Today it is all the more important to take our health in our own hands, to focus on prevention, to create an optimal environment for health and to actively prevent the onset of disease. PEMF is not a miracle cure, as perhaps praised by other dubious companies, and health also means paying attention to proper nutrition and exercise, but there is no other technology for home use that can support a healthy lifestyle like PEMF does.

Pain and inflammation

A key factor in the treatment of pain and inflammation is prostaglandins, local hormones that play a crucial role in local pain mediation and inflammatory response. Numerous studies have shown that PEMF can influence the regulation of its release. In addition, it could be shown that magnetic field deficiency leads to reduced endorphin production. Endorphins are endogenous (produced by the body itself) morphine, which have a painkilling effect. Here are the starting points for PEMF for the treatment of chronic inflammation and pain.


PEMF improves microcirculation in a number of ways: by inhibiting prostaglandins and thromboxane, they have anticoagulant effects (this by the way how also ASS works). The effects on the cell membrane of the red blood cells lead to reduced stacking of erythrocytes (rouleaux effect) and better capillary passage. In addition, PEMF has a vasodilator effect through increased NO (nitric oxide) release. The discovery of the role of NO in the human body was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998 and led to the development of Viagra.

Immune System

PEMFs have been shown to increase the number of messengers secreted by the body’s own defense cells and regulate the immune system, the so-called interleukins. Above all, PEMF seems to be able to increase the number of T-cells and the activity of the phagocytes. The result is a more robust immune response that helps macrophages to eliminate invading pathogens and help the body deal with infections more easily.

Wear and Tear

Our bodies can withstand considerable loads. However, over- or under-stress can lead to a variety of joint complaints, be it bones, cartilages, ligaments or tendons. This is precisely where PEMF has two advantages: the inhibition of prostaglandins for pain and inflammation, as well as the stimulating effects on osteoblasts, the bone building cells, and chondrocytes, the cartilaginous cells in our joints.


A slow metabolism, hyperacidity and lack of sleep are the main reasons for gaining weight. Among the effects of PEMF there is also an acceleration of metabolism, alkalization and improvement of sleep quality. PEMF can also help reduce stress and reduce cortisol levels, another cause of weight gain. Fatigue and listlessness additionally lead to a lack of exercise and slow down the metabolism. A vicious circle that needs to be broken through more drive and energy.


Having a child and taking the role of a parent takes a lot of energy. Pre- or postnatal complications become all the more unlikely the better all organ systems and individual cells function. Here lies the potential of the oxygenating and energizing effects of PEMF. For legal reasons, PEMF is contraindicated in pregnancy, but it is strongly recommended before and after pregnancy; the time when the female body needs all the support for regeneration, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy-related back pain or postnatal depression.

Strong Bones

The loss of bone density is common in advanced age – especially in postmenopausal women. Pathological fractures and severe back pain are often the result. PEMF can stimulate osteoblasts, chondrocytes and type 1 collagen cells, which are responsible for bone formation and balancing bone metabolism. Improving and accelerating fracture healing and bone density has been and still is one of the main indications of PEMF therapy in medicine.


Medical progress has become more and more complex over time and yet the numbers of cases of illness among young and old are on the rise, especially the chronic diseases pose massive problems for our healthcare system. Stress, pollution and electrosmog levels are rising rapidly. Although we live on average longer today, we do not live healthier. What often suffers is the quality of life. The positive effects of PEMF on circulation, immune system, inflammation, energy levels and sleep support a healthy, dynamic lifestyle.


The main causes of skin damage and wrinkles include stress, lack of sleep, poor blood circulation, sluggish lymphatic system, excessive sun exposure, falling hormone levels, decreased collagen production and hyperacidity. PEMF can help with many of these problems.


By energizing with PEMF, body cells work more efficiently, which also includes their nutrient intake. You can have optimal nutrition and provide the best nutrients; if your body can not absorb them, you are wasting your money.

hGH – Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone, or hGH for short, is our anti-aging hormone: it has a major influence on skin quality, muscle growth, libido and flexibility. Reason enough in professional sports to put the expensive injections on the list of banned performance-enhancing substances as a potent doping agent. PEMF offers the natural alternative:


  1. Deep, restful sleep, the timing of natural hGH production and
  2. Stimulation of the body’s production of cofactors in the liver, especially IGF-2, which increases the availability and effects of hGH


Not only in sports, flexibility means a lower risk of injury. Flexibility and agility are important especially in advanced age to live independently and self-determined and not to rely on the help of others. Lack of exercise and joint wear lead to an increasing loss of this mobility. PEMF can help to maintain and improve this flexibility.