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PEMF and Energy


Personal productivity varies greatly between people and involves many factors such as personality, motivation and organization. However, the energy level of the body is an important prerequisite and this is where PEMF can help provide the necessary energy to our individual cells. It works like a jumper cable and gets the cells up to speed so they can work more efficiently.

Tip: In addition, use the Sound and Light Relax System (iSLRS) and choose green or red light in the morning or in the afternoon for an extra boost.


Many people suffer from lack of energy and rapid fatigue, which affects work, relationships and quality of life. Many factors play a role, such as the right nutrient supply through the diet, stress, lack of exercise, fluctuating blood sugar levels or low oxygen saturation. PEMF can help re-energize our cells, much like recharging many small batteries. In addition to improved sleep quality, more energy is usually the first effects users report.


We all want more endurance, less fatigue, more energy. Caffeine, energy drinks, guarana and other stimulants only help for a short time and can exhaust our adrenal glands when consumed regularly and in high doses. Sweets and sugar as a quick solution lead to blood sugar fluctuations and weight gain. It is indisputable to have a healthy diet and exercise, but the additional use of PEMF is the perfect added value for cells to work efficiently.


Many factors can lead to reduced oxygen transport. PEMF improves the electrical potential of the cell so that red blood cells, as observed under the dark field microscope, are less likely to stick together (rouleaux effect) so that they are able to pass even the smallest capillaries to oxygenate terminal tissues. In addition, PEMF increases the level of nitric oxide (NO), enhancing vasodilation and thus blood flow. Better blood circulation also means better oxygen transport.


When fatigue becomes chronic, quality of life becomes severely limited. Simply getting out of bed can be an insurmountable task. Significant improvements have been observed in PEMF users, although success often only occurs after several weeks of use. These people tend to be highly motivated but impatient. Stress management techniques and management of short-term expectancy are showing the best results here.