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iMRS prime Basic

The iMRS prime Basic is the entry-level model of the iMRS prime series. It contains the whole-body applicator (Exagon Mat) and the pillow applicator (Exagon Pad).

It contains the software tool:

  • Fast Start Programs

The iMRS is also available with Exagon Sense and Exagon Brain (iMRS prime Basic Set).

Control Unit

Housing and pedestal in brushed aluminum, ROHS/REACH/IP20, 10.2“ capacitive touch screen LCD-Display, 2 earphone jacks (3.5), 2 USB jacks, One-Cord connection (20-pin) to Conectorbox, LED-Power indication, 2 built-in speakers, NFC sensor.

iMRS prime Connectorbox

Designed as the gateway between the iMRS prime control unit and the applicators/accessories.

Whole Body Applicator

  • 6 built-in, rock-solid copper coils, divided in three pairs with different amount of windings to control the applied field intensity over the entire surface.
  • Triple Sawtooth Waveform for highest efficiency of low-pulsed PEMF.
  • Foldable in 3 segments.
  • Built-In Operating Function Control.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug.

Local Applicator Pad

  • 2 built-in, rock-solid copper coils to evenly control the applied field intensity over the entire surface.
  • Square Wave for highest efficiency of locally applied PEMF.
  • Built-In Operating Function Control.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug.

 iMRS prime Power Plug

International power plug, cable length: 3.2 m


  • iMRS prime Control Unit: 3 years
  • iMRS prime Connectorbox: 3 years
  • Exagon Applicators: 3 years
  • Exagon Sense/Brain: 6 months
  • Power Plug: 6 months
  • Accessories, Cords: 6 months

iMRS prime Basic Set

The iMRS prime Basic Set includes all the features of iMRS prime Basic. Additionally, you receive the following components:

Exagon Brain

The Spa for Your Brain!

  • Newly designed Goggles with 12 built-in LEDS on each side.
  • Housing is completely darkened for optimal performance.
  • Photic, chromatic and audible BrainWave Entrainment combined in one single system.
  • Elastic band for easy adjustment.
  • USB–Plug.

Exagon Sense

Monitor – Analyze – Evaluate!

  • Bifunctional photoplethysmografy sensor, medical-grade.
  • Designed to detect blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of tissue.
  • SpO2 and HRV evaluation.
  • Dynamic intensity adjustment during a PEMF application.
  • Medical-Grade Click-Plug.

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