Electrosmog is a type of environmental pollution consisting of artificial frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. The collective term includes all artificial wave phenomena, from radar waves to kitchen toasters. Many of these unnatural vibrations have been found to be harmful to human health, as well as to the plants and animals of our planet.

The growing danger of electrosmog

It has become very rare to find someone without a cell phone on the street or a microwave oven at home. We live in the age of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In particular, these high-frequency radiations have been classified as harmful to our health (Pathophysiology, August 2009). Unfortunately, the proliferation of these new wireless technologies continues with no end in sight.

Over the past 150 years, one of mankind’s greatest inventions, electricity, has been increasingly commercialized and used as the basis for new developments. What fire was to prehistoric times, electricity is to modern times. No skyscraper, with all the artificial lighting and built-in elevators it requires, could be built without electricity. Today, all indications are that conventional electricity will sooner or later be replaced by new wireless technologies. The expansion of wireless communications, radio waves, microwaves, and satellite signals is ushering in a new age of artificial frequencies. The transmission takes place entirely in the electromagnetic spectrum and is not even directly perceptible to us humans. Today, you can bank from anywhere with your smartphone. Blessing and curse at the same time?

Every technological development has its price. We still have no idea in what way we are harming ourselves and our environment with the rapid increase of these artificial high frequency energy fields. In the worst case, these fields harm us directly, in the best case, they influence and change the biological, natural electromagnetic fields. Recently we have seen birds change their migratory patterns and bees even lose their orientation completely. If we continue to fill our atmosphere with this multitude of artificial high-frequency radiation fields, it is likely that all living things that rely on the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field for navigation will soon become disoriented. What Nakagawa discovered in Japan in 1976 could very well be related to the uncontrolled increase of artificial vibrations. We are getting sicker and sicker, and a connection to the fact that our bodies have to “swim” in these artificial, non-biological fields is more than appropriate.

A living organism depends on the presence of an electromagnetic field. We have evolved in harmony with natural electromagnetic fields (Earth’s magnetic field, ionospheric frequencies) and are increasingly at the mercy of artificial, non-biological, high-frequency vibrations. Because of the resulting deficit and the increasing superimposition of artificial frequencies, more and more people are suffering from so-called environmental diseases.

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