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Omnium1 Complete Set

The Omnium1 Complete Set contains all three applicators (full-body applicator, pillow applicator and spot applicator). The Omnium1 Complete Set is available with OmniBrain (Omnium1 Complete Combo).

Android tablet

Tablet with 8-inch LED backlit Multi-Touch capacitive touch panel, 2MP front camera, 8MP rear camera with LED flash, Built-in 9000 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery (14.8 volts), Color: White, Aluminum

Whole Body Applicator (OmniMat)

Omnium1 Whole Body Applicator with 6 integrated copper coils (sawtooth waveform), new materials and easy to fold, washable. Cable length: 2m, size: 170 x 58 x 2 cm

Local Applicator Pad (OmniPad)

Omnium1 Local Applicator Pad with a uniformly wound coil pair copper (NASA Review rectangular waveform), washable, cable length: 2m, height: 57 x 29 x 3 cm

Spot Applicator (OmniPad)

Omnium1 Spot applicator with a uniformly wound copper pair of coils (NASA-tested rectangular waveform), washable, cable length: 2.0 m, size: 39 x 16 x 2,5 cm

D / A Converter

The D / A Converter converts the digital signal from the tablet into an analogue pulsed electromagnetic field for the PEMF application.

Omnium1 Power Plug

International power plug, cable length: 1,5 m

Omnium1 Owner’s Manual

Omnium1 owner’s manual with step-by-step instructions for first use, technical data and helpful tips.

3 Years Warranty

3 full year warranty on the Omnium1 applicators and DA / converter, 1 year warranty on the Android tablet

Omnium1 iMRSone Complete Combo

Are you looking for an integrated wellness system? Here you get the Omnium1 iMRSone Complete Combo including OmniBrain (integrated sound-light relaxation system). The Omnium1 iMRSone Combo includes all the features of the Omnium1 iMRSone Complete Set. Additionally, you receive the following components:


The OmniBrain, an interactive light and sound relaxation system, can best be described as “wellness for our brains.” It works in tandem with your Omnium1 system to relieve stress, boost brain oxygen circulation, and help you sleep and improve your brain’s ability to regenerate.

The OmniBrain comes with the following components:

  • Goggles for visual stimulation (RGB LED’s with dimmer function, free software choice) with integrated, high-quality earphones for a clear and balanced listening experience.
  • Automatic synchronization with any OmniBrain model in conjunction with a full-body application.
  • User manual

Technical data Omnium1 Complete Set

Frequency:0.5 – 15 Hz
Intensity:sensitive – 400 (8 steps)
Graded intensity:Yes, lowest intensity in the head area
Organ clock:15 Hz – 7.5 Hz – 3 Hz – 5 Hz
Time setting:1 – 60 min.
Polarity:changes every 2 minutes
Waveforms:sawtooth and square wave
Warranty:3 years on the applicators and the D / A converter, 1 year on the Android tablet

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