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What is PEMF therapy?

The abbreviation PEMF stands for “pulsed electromagnetic field”. Basically, the term PEMF is used as a collective term for procedures in which weak pulsed magnetic fields are used as a supportive and alternative form of treatment in a variety of disorders and for performance optimization. The focus of PEMF therapy is on the positive effects on our cell metabolism.

For whom is PEMF suitable?

Basically, PEMF is something for everyone. From the pain-plagued to the top athlete, PEMF has been successfully used worldwide for decades and has been scientifically proven by numerous studies.

Are there any studies on PEMF magnetic field therapy?

There are numerous independent, scientific studies on PEMF technology that prove its effectiveness. More than 10,000 research reports and more than 2,000 double-blind studies including NASA’s multi-year research and so-called zero-field studies in magnetically shielded rooms. If you want to read more, download our free e-book.

Are there different types of magnetic stimulation therapy?

Magnetic therapy is divided into static magnetic fields and, on the other hand, pulsating electromagnetic fields. PEMF therapy has scientifically been demonstrated to be far superior over static magnets, which have very little to no long term effect. Beware of magnetic jewelry. There are many freeloaders in this area.

Can magnetic field therapy be dangerous?

So far there are no studies that could prove that the use of low intensity, low frequency magnetic fields for therapy purposes pose a health risks for humans.

Are magnetic fields unhealthy?

There are actually magnetic fields that can be harmful to your health. In these cases, it is more appropriate to speak of electromagnetic smog which is caused by power lines, household appliances, computers and other electronic and wireless devices. Dose, intensity and frequency determine if magnetic field have hazardous properties.  

Is it possible to use PEMF magnetic field therapy with an implanted pacemaker?

This depends on the model you have implanted. Ask our doctor directly via our contact form. He will be able to answer this question directly. We just need to know the model name and properties.

What is microcirculation?

In medicine, microcirculation refers to the perfusion of the smallest blood vessels with a diameter of less than 100 μm (e.g. capillaries, arterioles, venules), the so-called microvessels. The microcirculation establishes the connection between the arterial and the venous system and directs the blood into the immediate vicinity of the cells, so that the remaining distance is small enough for mass transfer by diffusion. In addition, it allows the passage of cells from the blood into the tissue, such as immune cells in inflammatory processes. Within the blood vessel system, the microcirculation is the section with the largest overall diameter and consequently the lowest flow velocity. Circulatory disorders of the microcirculation can be found, for example, in diabetes mellitus, scleroderma, hyperviscosity syndrome, leukemia, malaria or sepsis. Coronary heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease, on the other hand, are examples of circulatory disturbances due to constriction or obstruction of arterial vessels. With the PEMF application, the microcirculation can be stimulated and improved.